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                Quantity Surveyors / Senior Quantity Surveyors

                2018-07-18 1

                Job Responsibilities

                • Tendering of new projects including demolition, new works projects, A&A works, luxury fitting out projectsand maintenance / term contracts; and coordination with Sub-contractorsand supplier

                • Pre. Contract & post contract QS works and cost control

                • Liaise with Clients, consultants, sub contractors, supplier and Internal Project Staff for commercial matters

                Job Requirement

                • Degree or Diploma in Quantity Surveying or Construction and relevant experience on Interior Fit out

                • 5-10 years of professional experience in Interior Fit-Out Projects

                • Experience in luxury fitting out projects will be an advantage

                • Self-motivated and can work independently

                • Candidate with more experience can be considered as Senior QS

                • Working Location: Hong Kong (1 position opening), Macau (1 position opening)

                • Immediate availability will be anadvantage

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